I keep my finger on the pulse of forward-thinking digital strategy, and I work to capitalize on computing innovations (mostly Business Intelligence and Marketing Technology advancements) in a constantly shifting landscape. With huge AI and machine learning solutions emerging alongside hordes of highly specific SaaS solutions, it’s nearly impossible to stay abreast of what can make a difference and what’s quicksand to progress.

I can help you avoid the quicksand by drawing on my broad experience and voracious appetite for research. I’m happy working across a range of industries and technologies, and I have particular specializations in strategy and management for e-commerce, B2B SaaS, B2B Content Services, and Higher Ed digital product strategy.

In short, I’m passionate about optimization and problem solving, and I’m willing to dig in with you on your toughest problems in order to find proactive, effective solutions that match your business goals and organizational needs.


As a Ph.D. candidate in English, I’ve done more than my fair share of reading and writing, and I’m a skilled editor. I also have significant experience developing multi-channel communications strategies, including video, social, email, and graphic design. My communications strategies are rooted in the classical arts of persuasion, brought up to 21st-century speed.

Of course, communication isn’t just for the screen and the page. When working with me, you can expect me to listen closely and synthesize what you’re saying, to really engage with your ideas and aspirations. You’ll probably find I listen a good bit more than I talk, especially in the early stages of a project or strategic plan. I like to make decisions that help us achieve clear objectives based on shared goals and sound data. So along the way, you can expect sincere openness to questions and new perspectives. And at the end of an engagement, you can expect clear and rigorous deliverables that will help you achieve your objectives.


So, how about it?

Think I could help you with a problem? Don’t be a stranger!


For primary research, I use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. I’m currently finishing up a big, grant-funded project on the ways taxpayer dollars have gone to poets and poetry publishers. I outline who received funds, to what end, and to what effect. The world is a big place, and this is a dissertation project (no research team!), so I focus on a few specific places: Ireland, Jamaica, Nigeria, the US, and the UK.

In the world of applied research, I’ve crafted a range of marketing research instruments to facilitate product and marketplace insights. I’ve crafted things like surveys, interview guides, and persona development datasets, just for a few examples. My training and experience encompass everything from qualitative UX analysis via user observation to complex market sizing and segmentation. You need to figure something out? The knottier the problem, the better. I’ve got you covered.