ENG 101: The Rhetoric of Crisis
Fall 2013, Emory University

In recent years, “crisis” has become a household word. At every turn we find ourselves confronted by ecological, fiscal, humanitarian, political, and moral crises (to name just a few). This course interrogates the rhetoric of crisis by asking how we determine we are in a state of crisis and how various uses of language and media attempt to represent, instigate, or confirm a sense of crisis.

ENG 181: Bestsellers
Spring 2014, Emory University

Analysis of bestsellers provides unique insight into historical economics, the evolution of cultural values, and the development of literary genres. In this course, we will craft and assess effective, analytical responses to highly successful (though perhaps not always enduring) texts. Readings include works by authors such as Daniel Defoe, Olaudah Equiano, George Eliot, Alfred Tennyson, Agatha Christie, and Stephanie Meyer.

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